Node Remote Control

This section describes the tools and configuration options for the remote control of Qlustar cluster nodes.

Serial Console Parameter

The kernel commandline that is passed to a node is configured in a QluMan BootConfig. If you need to set/modify the serial console parameter, you can change it there. There are already pre-defined variants of kernel commandlines for the most common cases.

Access to the Serial Console

To access the serial console use the command console-login. It allows to select the node for which the console should be opened. Depending on the type of console, you need different keystrokes to exit. If you are using


then you need to type &.


then type ~.


then use Ctrl-a x

IPMI Configuration

Most servers nowadays are equipped with an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). Qlustar allows to automatically configure the IP address of these interfaces via QluMan.