This section describes the Qlustar Ganglia setup. Nagios in combination with Ganglia is used to monitor the hardware of the compute nodes as well as the head-node.

Monitoring the nodes

Cluster Monitoring Web Interface over Ganglia

Node Monitoring with Ganglia

Each node sends sensor data and other information such as swap usage, fill level of file systems and S.M.A.R.T. data of the hard disks to a multicast address where the head-node can collect them. The way each node collects the sensor data depends on the hardware type. The Qlustar Cluster Suite detects the type that is suitable for a specific compute node. You can list the current metrics by running ganglia --help. The package ganglia-webfrontend allows to view the state of your cluster and each node from within a web-browser. It suffices to visit the Link http://<head-node>/ganglia.